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Any competition between enterprises is inseparable from the competition of "product quality". Without excellent product quality, enterprises will eventually disappear in the wave of market economy. Hangzhou Qianrong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. ensures product quality and product quality through a series of quality control management systems, which promotes enterprise development, wins market and profits.


1. Establish a comprehensive quality management system, pay attention to the quality control of the production process, process monitoring is the key to the quality control of product quality, the sooner the better.


2. To carry out quality-aware education and training in an all-round way, to improve the quality of products of enterprises, we must first start from improving the “quality awareness” of employees.


3. Strictly implement the process specifications. The production and processing of the products must strictly follow the operating procedures and produce according to the process requirements. Because the manufacturing process is a direct process of product formation, the quality of the product directly depends on the effective control of the process, and the negligence of any link may lead to product failure.


4. While strictly in accordance with the process requirements, it is also necessary to improve the operational skills of the production operators.


5. Strictly implement the documents and require the first inspection and sampling inspection of the products. The purpose of the first inspection is to confirm the quality of the first product and put it into mass production without quality abnormality to prevent the occurrence of defects. The sampling inspection determines the stability of the process, further grasps the quality dynamics of the product through sampling inspection, and appropriately adjusts the production process according to the fluctuation of the product, and finally guarantees the product quality.

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