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December 9, 2020

Application of Ultrasonic Equipment in Mask Machine

2020 is an extraordinary year. The coronavirus epidemic has affected the safety of global people. In the face of the raging epidemic, the demand for medical supplies such as masks has risen sharply. Ultrasonic equipment has played a vital role in the production of masks.

The non-woven masks currently on the market are basically produced by ultrasonic mask machines. According to their shapes, they can be divided into non-woven inner ear masks, non-woven outer ear masks, non-woven banded masks, and non-woven fabrics. Cup masks, non-woven folding masks, non-woven duckbill masks, etc., these masks require corresponding ultrasonic mask machines to produce.

Ultrasonic mask machine is a machine used to automate the production of finished multi-layer flat masks. It can use 1~4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven activated carbon and filter materials, from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge banding, and cutting of finished products. It can realize automatic operation. Compared with traditional manual feeding, returning and cutting, it can save 3-5 manpower. It can produce 80~120 masks per minute. It adopts PLC control system and touch screen setting, which is simple and fast. , It can be used by a single person, and only requires manual feeding and reclaiming, which greatly improves production efficiency. According to the different raw materials used, the ultrasonic mask machine can reach different standards such as N95, FFP2 and so on.

In the entire ultrasonic mask machine welding system, the high-frequency oscillation is used to transmit sound waves from the welding head to the welding surface of the work object, instantly causing the work object molecules to friction and reach the melting point of the plastic, thereby completing the rapid dissolution of solid materials and completing the welding. The joint strength is close to that of a whole piece of continuous material. As long as the joint surface of the product is designed to match, there is absolutely no problem with full sealing.

The flower wheel mold is made of special alloy steel, and various complicated flower-shaped patterns can be developed according to customer needs; the welding head is wear-resistant and has a long life. The flower mold is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the eccentric adjustment is flexible and fast.

QRsonic is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research and production of high-power ultrasonic transducers. The company's main products are transducers and ultrasonic power supplies. Among them, 15k and 20k ultrasonic transducers and power supplies are widely used as the core key components of the mask machine production industry.

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